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Exercise Physiologist,

Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist




If you’re curious, here is a little bit about me.

01 started lifting weights when I was 14

02 Played on the Australian volleyball team when I was 16 through until about 20 years old, played overseas and being exposed to myriad training modalities internationally.

I deem this to have been very important in my development as a coach. Being able to witness Olympic gold medallists in their training and competitive environment and how their coaches dealt with them. Sometimes appropriately, sometimes not. Getting a genuine look at what it takes to be at the top level of physical performance

03  I began studying exercise physiology in 2001. I was obsessive about weight training and diet by this point.

Began working as a personal trainer.

Fitness instructor

Membership sales guy

Front desk guy who scanned your membership card

Supplement sales lad 

And I probably cleaned the toilets too (but only partial, lol).

04 Spent 6 months living in Brazil in 2006 on the beach in Rio de Janeiro. It is one of the fitness meccas of the world, especially at that point. I learnt a lot about different methods of training, and about culture and beauty.

05 Worked as a Cardiac Physiologist at several hospitals and clinics. I was exposed to a level of intellect during this time I had rarely been into contact with. I feel this was extremely important looking back on it now. It was also important to put what exercise and nutrition can do into perspective, after seeing the results of what can happen when people don’t give enough attention to these

06 Moved to London and worked in a Harley Street Cardiac Clinic. I often had billionaires, lords and ladies, princess and sheiks, actors and actresses as clients, and it was great exposure for me into the minds of great people.

07 Moved back to Australia and began my personal training business in 2011. Picked up qualifications in sports nutrition, body recomposition, and neuro-linguistic programming.

08 Trained more than 100 clients per week for 4 years in a row (essentially breaking myself, but fast tracking deep learning.)

09 In 2016 I tentatively began writing a blog and putting some of my opinions on the internet. 

In January 2017 I started after deciding I was ready to be a front man.


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