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I am looking for my next…


If that’s you… I will PERSONALLY work with you One-on-One to help you 10x your fitness results in the next 12 months. 


I am on a mission to transform 100k lives.


What my clients have to say about the coaching program.

Steve Collins


My mission is to enable others to realise their fullest potential to live a healthy, pain free, high performing life. I’m interested in hacking the human physical and psychological experience and discovering paths to increase the success of everybody, in shorter amounts of time. 


How it works


This is your small window of opportunity to grab one of the limited coaching spots.

This is how it will work.


Step 1: Initial Consultation

Together, you will go over your hopes and requirements for your body, and then set about building and designing a diet and exercise system that will work for your lifestyle, body, and previous exercise and diet experience.

After the initial consultation, you will have a diet that you have developed together and a training program that you can access with your own login code.

You will also know how to use the system Steve has designed for you, including the software interface and app.

It’s all very simple.

Step 2: Weekly Check-Ins

If you decide to continue with weekly coaching, Steve will be in contact with you every day, making sure the implementation of the diet and training plan is running smoothly.

He prefers to communicate via Facebook and Skype and sends any information through the chat function on this platform.

Every week you will meet up for a “check in,” where you discuss how the week has gone, take a few body measures to collect data and then make decisions on any changes to the diet.

Steve will program a new training program for you at least every month. The “check in” is also where Steve can coach you on a few things like exercise technique and your physiological approach to continued change.

Step 3: Coaching

Steve isn’t a trainer, he’s a coach.

He is with you the entire way through this journey of not just physical change, but mental and behavioural change also.

Steve will coach you to think for yourself, and not get caught up in dogma from the thousands of nutritional products, fad diets, and crazy exercise plans that lead to potentially short term success, and mid to long term failure.

Here are some huge benefits of the program


A performance results coach

→ Unlimited access to Steve Collins

→ Access to Steve’s unique system that he has developed over 12 years (and that works).

→ Achieve body recomposition goals without neglecting your social life.

→ Learn how flexible dieting works







Here is what to do next.
Sign Up for a package

Nutrition Plan

1 consultation with Steve
(30 minutes) via Skype or
video tool where we will plan
your nutrition program and
Steve will write it up and
finalise it post-consultation.


AUD | single payment

Nutrition & Training Plan 

1 consultation with Steve 
(60 minutes) via Skype or
tool where we will plan
nutrition & training program
and Steve 
will write it up and
finalise it 


AUD | single payment

Weekly Coaching
* must be purchased after initial consultation

Weekly coaching session with Steve (30 minutes) via Skype or video tool. New training program for you at least every month.


AUD | weekly payment

Steve not only writes insanely awesome programs for me monthly but also holds me accountable to my own goals. Steve pushes me beyond the doubts of my own mind to achieve what he believes. More than a trainer Steve is a life coach who gets you thinking, eating and training right to not only achieve but exceedyour goals!!!
Mike Testimonial

Steve works with you on more levels than fitness, weight loss, improving health, injury rehabilitation or strength gains, that’s why he can help you get the results you’re after. With a huge wealth of knowledge and many years of expertise gained from experience all over the world, Steve is the man I would always go to!

Melissa Testimonial

Steve your amazing, you have been by my side every step of the way! Putting up with my melt downs during training helping me thru my anxiety and hold me accountable for my actions, never letting me quit, challenging me in how to think for myself. Diet and exercise are only a small part of what you have done for me. Thank you!

Liana Testimonial

Steve helped me change my life, while I’ve always had a passion for sport and was very active through my childhood and teens I had a bit of trouble continuing with exercise post school with little knowledge of what to do and why exercise is so important for more than just sport. With much guidance and education Steve helped me go down the path of studying sport and exercise science and I can now pass on the knowledge I’ve learned to others paired with the inspiration I’ve received from Steve. The biggest thing I’ve learned is the value of nutrition and how we are what we eat and I will endeavour to keep up the level of education I have received from who I consider to be one of the best trainers/mentors on offer!

Lauren Testimonial